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Margaret McLoughlin’s 1990 drawing; the classic masthead of our old Newsletters

The  Friends of the Waverley City Gallery  met for their inaugural Coffee Morning on Thursday, August 21, 1986 at 10 a.m.   Renamed the  Friends of The Highway Gallery  in 1990, it provides in-kind support for this community Gallery and assists the Gallery financially from its membership contributions.  A number of major exhibitions have been sponsored by the Friends over the years and the Friends financed the purchase of a portable public address system for use at meetings and exhibition openings and a new professional hanging system in 2006.  A regular  Newsletter  (see below) features coming events, all our special exhibitions and group meetings.  The Friends continue to meet monthly (except in January) at the Gallery for talks by local and external speakers, and many Friends assist at selected functions.

Although The Highway Gallery was closed by Monash City Council in September 2018, the  ‘Friends of The Highway Gallery’  Group is continuing.

The Friends will continue under the name ‘Circle of Art Friends Monash and beyond’

Friends Meetings & Coffee Mornings:  normally the first Monday of each month at 10:30 a.m. at the venue as advised in the most recent Newsletter (see below).  Visitors always welcome.

For further information please contact the Circle of Art Friends  –  Telephone  03 9803 9071   or   0417 146 394

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Newsletters for download, most recent first:

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